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Time flies when you’re having fun and even faster when you need a plan!


“Time flies when you’re having fun” so the saying goes… and by heck, have these last few weeks flown by and been fun!

We’re now nearing the end of September and I’m experiencing a whirlwind in my business and that’s not down to the recent storms or windy weather we’ve had as we enter autumn.

I put it firmly down to planning.

Planning my business, planning my success, planning my change of direction and planning the future. I have a wealth of experience built up within global organisations and running my own business and have successfully been my own boss for 4 years now. So I feel confident enough to say I know a lot about planning.

But, I have not made this shift alone. There is a small selection of amazing people who I have chosen to work with and who have helped me achieve changes in mindset, be clear about my accountability, increased my visibility and also confidence.

So, I ask you –

  • How’s your business fairing at the moment as we enter Autumn and towards the end of 2016? Are you totally happy with where you forecast your income to finish at the end of 2016 or is business a bit on a “wing and a prayer”?
  • Are you ready to upscale your business and go for growth?
  • Do you want to bring in more clients and get super busy for the last Quarter or the year?
  • Are you able to work more hours, or charge more per product? Do you even know what your margins are or how they are affected seasonally?

There are exactly 4 days until we start the last quarter of 2016 (6 if you push it to the first standard business working day on Monday 3rd October). Now, you can use those days worrying about how you’re going to bring in the money, change your website, get more clients etc etc or you can get busy with a paper and pen and map out your business plan for the next 3 months.


And, why stop there?

Ideally your Business Plan should be for at least 12 months – and broken down into financial quarters so that you don’t get overwhelmed. That way you can set yourself quarterly goals and targets which all feed into your annual plan.

Have you ever actually sat down and written a business plan for yourself? Or do you think that these things only belong in the big businesses of the corporate world or to secure funding from a bank for a start up?

Business Planning is the key to success. If you don’t have a plan, don’t have a vision and don’t have any goals then how will you know when you have succeeded?

It doesn’t have to be scary. It’s never too late to start. And you don’t have to do it alone!

I can help you put short term goals and measures in place for your business. I can work with you on your short and long term business plan and I can take the scary out of strategy.

For practical advice and help then contact me for a free consultation and we can work out how I can work with you to put some simple business plans and strategy in place.

I work exclusively with business women who find this element of their business a bit daunting and I can help break it down into manageable & realistic chunks. And if you need management support to make some of those things happen then I’m on hand for that too.

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Keep on planning – it’s the route to success!

4 thoughts on “Time flies when you’re having fun and even faster when you need a plan!

  1. I agree, planning is such an important part of success. I’ve just planned out my last quarter for 2016 and have lots of exciting changes coming…including helping people get to grips with their marketing plans!
    In my world your business plan is so important because it feeds directly into your marketing plan.
    Keep up the good work Anna!

    1. Thanks for your comments Louise and the feedback. Totally agree. You need one to feed the other or you can end up doing everything as a knee jerk reaction.
      Great to hear you are super organised – will look forward to your exciting developments

  2. Having a plan is a huge thing for me too.
    If I don’t plan out even each week down to detail (when to work on which job and contact new clients and to complete internal projects) I end up scrambling and at the end of the week I do not feel satisfied by what I had done.
    I may have completed a lot but because I didn’t write down all I did over the week it kind of gets all mixed up and I feel like I didn’t do much at all!
    I feel like I don’t give myself enough credit and make big enough goals for a year from now for example. I have started listing some “bigger” ones I want to accomplish and it seems scary but I don’t want to hold myself back and only give myself minor goals to achieve. Go BIG!
    Thank you for sharing, I wish you well in your final 1/4

    1. Hi Christine,
      thanks for your comments and engagement on the blogs!
      You know it’s pretty weird as my next blog this week will be right up your street and it’s so topical right now.

      Don’t ever beat yourself up as we all need systems to keep on top of things – and chunking things into “big” and “small” is a great thing to do.

      Keep moving upwards and forwards Christine!

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