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Spring Cleaning – ditch the Marigolds and start with your business!

Can you even believe it! We are slap bang in the middle of National Spring Cleaning Week and boy what an absolutely glorious week for it. The sun has been shining, the birds are tweeting, and those long dark nights seem to have finally disappeared.

And it really got me thinking about the fact that we are already closing in on the end of Quarter 1 and apart from getting the Marigolds out and sorting those streaky windows, as entrepreneurs and business owners, we need to do a wee bit of business spring cleaning too.

So, here’s my top tips for ensuring that you don’t let the cobwebs build up on your business and there’s no nasties lurking in your filing cabinet!


  • Review those figures. It pays to be constantly on top of your figures. Your income, your expenditure and your projected sales. Do you set yourself a target for the week, month or the quarter? You should do. And you should also think about how you will respond if you are not on track to hit that target. And what if you’re doing better than planned? It always pays to put enough away each month to cover the dreaded tax bill!
  • Review your business plan. Whether it’s in your head or in a nice fancy folder, every business should have an outline plan of where they are heading and why. Is everything as it was when you wrote your plan or have you and your business evolved? Has the market place changed and if so, how have you amended your short and long term plan in line with the new conditions for your sector? You can download my FREE Brilliant Basic Business Plan here.
  • Review your Marketing. What has been working and what’s not so great. Test, Test, Test. Try not to go for the old “spray and pray” approach as this is going to take up valuable time and money with little or no return. It’s very rare that someone will buy from you at the first contact – most of the time it will take between 6 and 8 contacts with a lead before they buy from you. Networking can be different as there is a personal connection and people buy from people – they need to know, like and trust.

Ditch, get rid and cleanse

What’s not serving you? What can you get rid of? What’s going to make your working week better?

I always think there’s something cathartic about going through my wardrobe and charity bagging those unworn or ill-fitting clothes. I hate it when my wardrobe becomes a jumble of “stuff” and I can’t see what’s what.

Same goes for my kitchen cupboards…..all tins should be facing forward – right? Or is that just my OCD tendencies coming out?

Seriously though, if your sanctuary of a workspace is cluttered with crap, if your receipts and filing has got out of control and if your inbox is filled with hundreds (or thousands) of unopened emails, how does that make you feel every morning?

Take some time out to clear all the stacked papers and rubbish off your bookcase, sort those files and folders out and get to grips with the emails. This will free up your time for creative thoughts. You will know where everything is and life will feel a little more ordered.

And if you really feel the need then here’s the link for how to clean your keyboard!

Plan ahead

  • Not many people can be Managing Director, Head of Sales, Marketing Manager, Customer Experience and Finance Director all at once. We are all in business because we have a passion for that “something” and the rest of the business running, essential as it may be, can be daunting, time consuming or just plain boring! So, get an objective and skilled person to help you with areas of your business that you don’t understand, don’t like or just don’t have time for.
  • Sometimes reviewing the whole of your business can be overwhelming so break it into smaller chunks and see how that feels. Having feelings of overwhelm can sometimes have the effect of paralysis as you just don’t know where to start, so by breaking it down you can tackle it more easily.
  • Use a planner. Technology is great and I’m all for it, but sometimes paper and a pencil are the way forward. Writing the list, planning out your priorities and, more importantly, getting to cross them off is a great way of feeling instant achievement. You can download my FREE Weekly Planner here.

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend. I hope you have a spring in your step and if you’re even mildly tempted to spend the weekend cleaning then please read this fab poem first….DUST 

Anna x

3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – ditch the Marigolds and start with your business!

  1. Life is too short for dusting! But I am a big fan of planning and reviewing your business, especially your marketing!
    As part of my mission to help 1,000 businesses do Better Smarter Marketing I update the businesses I’ve helped at the end of every month (blog post coming soon!)

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