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Review, reflect, record – and reward!


So, the last few blogs I’ve put out have been mainly about the importance of planning in your business and how planning will lead to success for you.

Looking ahead at the next 3, 6, 9 or 12 months is a great way of helping you to:

  • visualise your success
  • plan how it’s going to happen
  • think of who you will need to help you make it happen
  • decide what is going to happen over each week, month and quarter

coffee-1246511_1280But, guess what? If you just keep planning ahead and never go back and review how you’ve performed, then how will you know what has worked and what hasn’t? How will you amend, tweak, change and grow?

You won’t!!

And more importantly, how will you give yourself a great big pat on the back for all the amazing things that you have achieved?

You won’t!!

It is so easy to forget how well you have done and so difficult to banish negative thoughts when you are immersed in your business and trying to make it all work.

When you are having a month that feels like a struggle (as we all do from time to time), then it is SO important to be able to look at all the positives that have built up – the quick wins, the converted sales, the Facebook likes and the retweets.

So, planning is really important, for all of the reasons I’ve talked about previously


reviewing is just as important in order to help shape your future business plans and reflect on your success.

I want you to take half an hour out of your day and review, reflect and record the brilliant stuff that you have achieved in the last 30 days and I bet it will add up I no time!



For practical advice and help then contact me for a free consultation and we can  figure out how I can work with you to put some simple business plans, strategy and reviews in place.

I work exclusively with business women who find this element of their business a bit daunting and I can help break it down into manageable & realistic chunks. And if you need ongoing management support to make some of those things happen then I’m on hand for that too.

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8 thoughts on “Review, reflect, record – and reward!

    1. Hi Eve, thanks for your comment and I’m glad that this resonates with you. A really important part of the business cycle I think and if you spend the time doing it this will reinforce your successes 🙂

    1. That’s great Diane. A complete morale booster just from taking 15 minutes to think about achievements is well worth it – you’re right, it keeps us motivated!

  1. Well said! I advocate this too with people I work with and in particular, business owners and executives that I coach. The world is so fast paced these days that we forget to look back.

    1. Thanks for your comments Emma – glad it resonates. I completely advocate planning for success and it is so important to take time to reflect otherwise we never acknowledge our achievements and that can become a negative cycle for lots of us!

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