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Perfectionist or Procrastinator?


Sometimes a label which women give themselves as a badge of honour or to set themselves apart from those others around them as being “better” somehow. But really?

As one of these cursed perfectionists (now reformed) I can honestly say that this is not something anyone should aspire to be. Why?

Because it curbs your inner creativity, enforces constant disappointment with what you produce and leads you to a crippling halt in ever putting anything out there – because it just isn’t good enough!

As a professional business woman, have you ever found yourself not posting that blog, not putting the freebie out there, not creating your content, not launching that new product or programme because it’s never quite ready and never ever good enough.

Sound a little like you? coffee-1246511_1280


So, when you’ve moved into ironing the tea towels, baking a cake, ringing your friend or scrubbing the loo because they all seem like better options than just “doing it” you’ll have crossed the fine line from perfectionist to procrastinator!

Is this article timely for you? Do you want 2017 to be different, bigger, better, more positive and with focus and passion for a successful business?

If you’re answering yes, then let’s work together. I can work with you to create a roadmap for success.


Are you brilliant at what you do – coaching, therapist, solicitor, accountant, hairdresser, florist (*insert just about any profession here!) and yet you are fed up of trying to know it all, do it all, plan it all and not always knowing where to start!

I will use my experience and expertise to take the boring out of business planning and the scary out of strategy. We will work on your mindset and confidence and get you back on track.

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