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No one has all the answers. And you don’t need them either… stop putting pressure on yourself and make it happen!


Sometimes, when I say outloud “I used to run a multimillion £ income generation business for a global organisation” or “I’ve successfully run my own business for the past 5 years” I have a complete wibble and I seriously don’t believe it.

And that’s not in a good way of, “Wow! I don’t believe I did that”.

Oh no, this is in the bad way of “God, what a liar you are Anna McManus, you never did that” or “Get outta town, no one believes that old bullshit” or even “Seriously, who do you think you’re kidding you’re not worth anything”

This is usually in my head as a cruel means of self talk, but it has been known to come out loud on occasion! Yep, I talk out loud – a lot!!

This is me by the way….



Ever do that yourself?

Ever allow those doubts and insecurities to jump up, tap you on the shoulder and wreak havoc with your internal and external being? Knock you for six and de-rail all that great work you’ve been doing?

I bet you do…

Ever suffer from the crippling procrastination that leads from this nasty self doubt?

Yep, I bet you do.

All of the above statements about me are true.

I spent 8 years working for a global organisation, 5 of which were spent leading high performing sales and marketing teams to generate £14m + per year. And I worked my way up from the very bottom – I was originally the Call Centre Agency Temp!

Was I good at it – you bet I was!

I’ve spent the past 5 years implementing similar strategies in my own business as a solopreneur and I’ve been really successful working with some amazing companies and fabulous women.

Am I good at this – hell yes!

In either of these roles, whether with the big old global or in my little old Yorkshire village, have I done this on my own? No way. Of course not. It’s impossible.

And anyone who tells you that you can do it all yourself is a liar.

And why would you want to? That’s a lonely old life. There’s nothing nicer than sharing success and watching others grow too.

You don’t need all the answers.

No one ever has all the answers – otherwise there’d just be one book on that shelf under the business section titled “This is how you do it

You don’t need to know how to do it all and you don’t need to pretend to others that you can.

Vulnerability in business is not a weakness. Acknowledging what you are good at, no – what you are amazing at, is as much a strength as is acknowledging where and when you need help.

I love this quote from Jamie Kern Lima.

I say the sooner we learn what we don’t know the better, because then we can crack on with getting someone we like and trust to help us with what they do know!

Whether it’s help with business planning and your strategy for growth, your accounts, website design or general admin, there is always someone out there who can help you get where you want to be quicker than if you plod along on your own.

And this does not make you a failure – it makes you a smart, savvy business woman.

I’ve got some amazing support packages coming up in Q4 of this year.

They’ll be suitable for ladies starting out in business who may need some extra support and advice right through to those of you who have been in business for years and want to review, reflect and record what’s really working for you and what needs to change as you and your business has evolved.


For practical advice and support contact me for a free consultation and we can work out how I can help you to put some simple business plans, strategy and reviews in place.

I work exclusively with business women who find this element of their business a bit daunting and I can help break it down into manageable & realistic chunks. And if you need management support to make some of those things happen then I’m on hand for that too.

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And here’s how to connect if you’d like to:

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4 thoughts on “No one has all the answers. And you don’t need them either… stop putting pressure on yourself and make it happen!

  1. Wow, Anna – this is great stuff. You write really well, and have good things to say. You go girl! I feel really lucky that we’re able to benefit from your skills, wisdom and experience.

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