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If you’re a professional procastinator, don’t kid yourself about perfectionism – here’s what to do!

Are you a Perfectionist or a Professional Procrastinator?

Sometimes Perfectionist can be a label which we give ourselves. A little like a badge of honour or to set ourselves apart so that we can feel “better” about all those unfinished pieces of work….you know the ones I’m talking about. The unfinished blog, the product or programme, the tweets, the accounts, the planning, the Q2 strategy, the blank piece of paper – just waiting patiently to be finished!

But really?

As one of these cursed perfectionists (currently in remission!) I can honestly say that this is not something anyone should aspire to be. Why?

Because it curbs your inner creativity, enforces constant disappointment with what you produce and leads you to a crippling halt in your business that will never help you live the dreams you want to, never allow you to be fulfilled or have a sense of achievement – because good just isn’t good enough!

Sound a little like you? Recognise that trait at all? I bet you do!


As a professional business woman, have you ever found yourself not doing any of the following:

  • posting that blog,
  • putting the freebie out there,
  • creating your content,
  • launching that new product or programme

because it’s never quite ready and never ever good enough. And what happens then…. NOTHING!


So, by the time you’ve moved into ironing the tea towels, surfing facebook groups, baking a cake, looking at tweets, ringing your friend, checking posts on Linkedin, scrubbing the loo and watching a load of videos on Instagram,  because they all seem like better options than just “doing it” you’ll have crossed the fine line from perfectionist to procrastinator!


Is this article timely for you?

  • Do you want 2018 to be different, bigger, better, more positive and with focus and passion for a successful business?
  • If you’re answering yes, then what are you waiting for.
  • If not now, then when?

Next week, next month, next year…and on and on with that dreaded sense of deja vu and slight sick feeling in your tummy of never actually achieving things that will light up your business and help you reach your dreams.

Well, now is your chance lovely lady. 


You know who you are. It is time to SHINE!

I have a beautiful, intimate group of business women who have bravely put their hands up and said “yep, I need accountability” “I refuse to continue to be a procrastinator

I am moving my business forward and it starts this week

So, if you know that you want to steer your own ship,

get some accountability and

make it happen in your business come and join us.

It’s on the 8th February and it’s all on-line so it doesn’t matter where you are, you can make it happen!



******If the timing’s not right for you on Thursday then remember, you can still sign up and receive loads of benefits by joining us:

* You’ll have access to the Private Facebook Group which will be open prior to the 8th and remain open for at least 10 days afterwards so that you can post your problem procrastination areas, come and be supported and I can work with you on these accountability areas

* You’ll receive the GOAL setting workbook

* You will have access to all the videos that I stream throughout the day where I’ll also answer any of your challenges that you’ve posted

* You can connect with the other ladies in the group

There’s more details here and it’s not too late…… yet. Only 3 more days and we’ll be making it happen.

What will you be doing?

With love, Anna x

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