A little bit about me


I’m Anna McManus and I work with business women on Strategic and Operational areas of business, giving practical advice and support to everyday challenges. I am passionate about ensuring that business women have impartial and objective support.

I have worked across private, public and not for profit sectors and have enjoyed roles as an operational manager, strategic leader and head of a multi-million pound income generating business. I’ve successfully run my own business since 2012 and I know how challenging it can sometimes be to keep a clear and focused mindset.

I love working with women who recognise that they need some external, objective and impartial support to clear the wood, see the trees and get their vision and focus back on track for building a successful business plan with clear objectives and targets for growth.

And if you need some practical hands-on support to get some of those objectives achieved I’m around to support you with that too. I provide ongoing “virtual” business support for a variety of activities to free up your valuable time. So whether that’s initial research for your business, assistance putting your plans together and nailing your strategy or time consuming admin that you hate to do, then I will LOVE working with you and SUPPORTING you to achieve your vision.

Due to the wonders of modern technology, most of my work is done “remotely” from my lovely log cabin but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get out and about. I meet with local clients at their own premises or business hubs and most other things can be done by Skype, Zoom, e-mails or calls. I even have clients in New Zealand!

I’m an active member of the brilliant Bird Board, a fast growing, confidential and supportive group for women in business. I also attend L4N (Ladies for Networking) which is a monthly networking event and provides business women with a great opportunity to develop collaborative associations.

Please get in touch if you think you would like to work with me. I offer a 30 minute free consultation.

Use the Contact Me page to let me know how I can help you to set those goals and plan for success.