The final slog? Or a great opportunity?

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“Time flies when you’re having fun” so the saying goes… and wow, have these last few weeks flown by. We’re now at the start of October – the autumn is setting in, the “C” word keeps getting mentioned, we’ve entered Q4 or “the final slog” as some people call it! And I feel in a totally […]

What’s in a name?

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Management Support, Virtual Business Manager, Virtual Assistant, Business Support, On-line Business Manager and the list goes on… Whatever you want to call me that’s fine, so long as you know just how much I can do for you to help you run your business more effectively, make more money in your business and have less […]

Perfectionist or Procrastinator?

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Perfectionist! Sometimes a label which women give themselves as a badge of honour or to set themselves apart from those others around them as being “better” somehow. But really? As one of these cursed perfectionists (now reformed) I can honestly say that this is not something anyone should aspire to be. Why? Because it curbs your […]

Review, reflect, record – and reward!

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  So, the last few blogs I’ve put out have been mainly about the importance of planning in your business and how planning will lead to success for you. Looking ahead at the next 3, 6, 9 or 12 months is a great way of helping you to: visualise your success plan how it’s going […]